about iLAB


iLAB is a group of highly motivated + creative people who have come together to form a fully independent specialist lighting design consultancy. Our main studio is in Singapore with associated studios in Australia to effectively service our main Client-base throughout Asia and Australasia.

We provide a range of services working creatively with architects, designers, artists, engineers, building developers, owners and end users. The practice can provide services ranging from informal advice on specific lighting problems to full-blown detailed design & implementation on projects of all sizes.

With our architectural training & specialist knowledge of light we are in a unique position to work with, and assist fellow professionals develop seamless integrated lighting solutions appropriate to particular architectural design issues. Our inherent understanding of the architectural & construction processes ensures the client receives a cohesive result.

Our approach to lighting design is holistic, which embraces the ideal that lighting designers must be as concerned with the physical surface, as they are with the light that strikes it. This applies not only to artistic and architectural form but also to much of our urban infrastructure which blend architectural concept with the pragmatics of structural, mechanical and electrical engineering design. In these, as in many complex modern buildings, all aesthetic design proposals must be underwritten by practicalities which satisfy relevant statutory requirements ensuring that conditions are acceptable to the end user.

This holistic approach also recognises that natural daylight is not static – and that change in light quality and quantity is vital to our psychological perception and understanding of form & space. This variation is important for our well-being as it stimulates our senses on an emotional level as well as at a practical level. Most projects develop an integral change and control of lighting to compliment the way we perceive the ever-changing patterns of light & shade that surround us.

We have sound expertise in dealing with energy conservation and also with the minimisation of light pollution. This has resulted in a clear understanding of the processes and procedures involved in implementing such projects whilst complying with the relevant green building accreditation requirements.

Our portfolio and experience includes the lighting of airports, atria, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, concert halls, art galleries, museums, retail centres, historic sites & buildings, monuments & sculptures, environmental lighting of public parks & gardens, car parks, university campuses, theme parks and sports facilities.

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